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Types of Upright Pianos – Various Models

About Vertical Pianos

When people are talking about the Upright piano, they mostly think about one type of the musical instrument. There are actually different types of upright pianos, each with its own specification, dimension, and also function.

Also known as Vertical Pianos, this is the type of piano for home setting. When compared to the grand piano, upright piano is cheaper and it is also more compact. And the construction of the strings are frames is vertical (straight-up) – along with the hammers. So, what are their types?

Spinet Piano

different types of upright pianos biggest and smallest
Baldwin spinet upright piano

Among the other types of upright pianos, the Spinet is the smallest and the shortest one. It is usually not more than 40 inches in height (not more than 101 cm) when you measure it from the top side of the lid part to the bottom area (of the piano). The top side is only several inches above the keys.

The upright piano itself is already inexpensive, but the Spinet is even less expensive. Spinet is pretty compact, which is convenient and great for limited or confined spaces. But don’t expect too much from the sound quality because of the limited configuration on the strings and keys. The problem with Spinets pianos is the fact that it isn’t manufactured anymore. Finding one can be difficult, including the parts and everything.

Console Piano

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Yamaha console upright piano type M560

The dimension of the piano is slightly bigger than the Spinet. The height is between 40 inches and 44 inches) or around 102 cm to 111 cm). The action parts are on top of the available keys where the strings and the hammers are positioned in vertical mode going downward.

When it comes to sound, the Console piano is better than the Spinet. It has much of the dynamic and also volume range – at least when compare to the smaller Spinets.

Studio Piano

kinds of upright pianos
Steinway & Sons studio upright piano type studio 1098

For the Studio piano, the height varies from 44 inches (around 112 cm) to 48 inches (120 cm). The action system has a different configuration and mechanism because it is located on the keys directly. It has bigger soundboard; thus, longer strings.

Since the piano has an increased or expanded height, it has more resonant – resulting in richer (tonal) quality sound. This type of piano is stable and also durable. It is pretty ideal for budget owners or beginners who want to play the device. If you don’t mind the pre-owned or secondary item, you can even find more reasonable price range.

Professional Piano

upright piano types
Steinway & Sons professional upright piano type model K52

This is basically the biggest one with 121 cm in height. Thanks to the big soundboard, the sound quality is full. In fact, it can compete against many of the Baby Grand pianos. This type of piano is great for professional use (performance or shows) as well as for music schools (student practicing, teaching, etc).

What is the difference between the Professional piano with the Upright Grand type? Well, the piano comes with the Upright design, but it has string length as well as musical capabilities that are the same to the Grand piano. This piano is generally the improvement or upgrade version of the standard upright one.