Want to write a song but don’t know how to? Well, thanks to the internet, there are now plenty of ways to get creative and make some incredible art while you’re at it too.

Think about it, your very own unforgettable melodies, along with the lyrics and of course, a touch of you to make it your own.

You might find it hard to believe, but many writers experience phases where they can’t write songs at all. Some of the most famous artists go through these same phases throughout some point in their career, which is usually about when they need saving and take it back to the basics.

If you’re writing your first song ever, you might feel challenged, and recording whatever you’d like to add to the song to make it unique might seem completely stressful too. Since the internet is accessible to the entire world, it might seem very easy to post a song with the hope that people will like it, and that it ultimately, will be well received by your audience, and perhaps even noticed by someone important. That’s what most singer/ songwriters hope for anyway, their big break, which ends in the fairy-tale of getting to hear their music on the radio just about everywhere they go.

How to Start Writing Your Own Music

  • Think about your where to start

It’s all about getting started, which like with most things, is often one of the most difficult things to do altogether. Having the ability to develop a melody of a track you know will work, or even just coming up with a chorus is the best way to start off by writing a song.

Most artists refer to the chorus or melody of their songs as their hook, or their key chord progression, which is the focal point of which you will continue and finish off the rest of the song from.

Struggling to find a melody? Try starting your song’s hook, or if you prefer, the very beginning of the song, the intro. For most artists, this is the best way to start and finish a song successfully.

  • Write meaningful lyrics

Which ultimately means, not just something you made up as a stop along the way. It may be one of the most frustrating parts of writing a song, and you might even feel like the entire aspect of your writing approach is wrong, but that’s how an artist develops, by creating and destroying their art, until they end up building something spectacular.

Once you’ve found the lyric hook, try to add rhythm, a structure and words to them, which will compliment your melody, of course.

Upon focussing on finding a hook for your chorus, also pay attention to your ideas for verses and whether they blend with one another.

  • Record bouts of inspiration daily

Like what you might ask?

Anything that comes to mind. If you’re inspired by a pineapple, why not write about it, or make up a lyric that’s catchy and unique to your art. When you have such moments of inspiration, putting them together will often look a lot like a song, even if they do come in phases.

  • Write according to your experiences

It pretty much means; take whatever’s been grey or sunshine and rainbows in your life, and add it to your creativity. Some of the greatest artists used their breakups and hardships, for instance, to write some of the most legendary music ever written. Be inspired by moments that take place in your life, as well as your feelings, and you’d be surprised what you could write about.