how often should you change guitar strings

How Often Should You Change Guitar Strings – The Proper Care

The General Rule

Do you know how often should you change guitar strings? Strings can wear out too. There are two major common reasons why they wear out: from the time and from regular use.

For beginners, the basic rule is to change the strings every 3 months or every 100 hours of use – which one comes first. Is it a fixed rule? Not necessarily, because they aren’t written on stones. However, if you want your guitar to stay in a good condition and produce good sound, then changing the strings is necessary.
how often to replace guitar strings

Reasons to Change the Strings

  • Old strings would sound bad so it won’t help with your play.
  • They would be hard to get in proper and perfect tune.
  • The strings are easily broken.
  • When you feel it, it is somewhat yucky to the touch.

Wear Signs

As it was mentioned before, strings would wear over time and once they are worn enough, they will need replacement, for sure. Here are the common signs of wear (make sure to check your strings):

Corrosion. Any metal object would rust because of the moisture within the air. The process can go faster as there is constant contact with the fingers (they also have moisture). The moisture will slowly ‘eat away’ the strings, leaving them to corrode and then killing the tone.

Kinks. Within times, you can expect small kinks to develop within the strings’ length. The dents are generally caused by the strings making contact with the metal fret wire. It would affect the strings’ feel and tone. It can also increase the possibility of sudden break.
how long do guitar strings last

Loose windings. As time passes by, the windings will eventually loose. It will cause the strings to be unpredictable and the strings will fall apart.

Caring for the Strings

Wipe them. When you wipe the strings after every use, you basically remove the substances that are causing the corrosion. This seemingly simple action would prolong the strings’ life.

Condition them. The product would place oil layer on the strings to protect them from corrosive, dangerous, and harmful substances.
how to know when should you change guitar strings

When Is the Proper Time?

Most beginner players would change the strings every 100 hours or once every three months. In case you are a bit late, it doesn’t really matter. Your strings can hold up – provided that they don’t break.

Basically, how often you spend the strings depend on your personal condition. If you spend at least several hours for playing on a daily basis, you will have to change the strings often. Compare it to the condition when you play only once a week. Moreover, if you have more than one guitar that you play equally, you may not have to change often when compared to your condition with only one guitar. Again, if you always wipe your guitar after every play, then you may not have to change quite often.

The way you play and maintain the musical instrument would determine the condition of the guitar itself – including the frequency of string replacement or change that you need to perform.