how long does it take to learn piano

Learn To Play Piano

The Needed Time

When you ask yourself how long does it take to learn piano, the answer is: it depends. You probably have prepared everything as you want to start out with the journey. You have the budgets to buy a piano and even consider hiring a teacher. You are also thinking about signing up to certain apps to hone your skills. But before you can even say, ”Yes, I can play the piano” how long do you have to focus on playing the device?

Just because you see a professional and expert pianist is doing his/her show, it doesn’t mean that they stop learning. For kids, the process may be faster than the one for adults. Somehow, kids’ brains are malleable – enabling them to learn and pick up any skills faster. But then again, it’s not always the case. Some adults may be able to learn it fast enough.
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General Time Span

In general, you may need around a year to pick up the basic skills, which is like the level of Grade 1 or Grade 2. After a year, it is expected that you have developed a logical learning ability from the sheet music, able to play the basic pieces, able to play basic scales of one octave, and such thing alike.

But then again, there are some crucial determining factors to consider. They include the dedicated time to practice, the musical background, and how quickly yourself adapt to the learning. For instance, if you have learned a piano when you were at Grade 8 and you are willing to spend three times a week with at least 2 hours of practice time, then you should be able to master it within 2 years, at least. If you are completely a beginner without any musical background, it may take you 5 to 6 years.

Your mastery of the musical instrument also depends on the help that you get, including the instruction. If you hire an experienced teacher with excellent skill that is able to understand you, spot the errors, and find the solution, then you should be able to develop your skills pretty fast – and well. You are out of luck when you work with an inexperienced teacher or the one who isn’t really interested in your personal development.
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Self-Taught vs Teacher

Is it possible to teach yourself how to play piano? Well, everything is always possible, including self-taught way. Some people are able to learn everything on their own, but they do have natural good music talent. They can pick tunes and they have pretty good ear (for the music). For the sake of playing alone, you should be able to ‘play’ piano without any problem.

However, you probably lack of theory. You have zero knowledge about reading the music – unless you learn everything by yourself. Again. Basically, you can do everything on your own. After all, we have so many different apps for music learning – which is easily accessed through your smartphone.

But having a teacher will make the process go faster – and definitely easier. You can save your efforts and energy by hiring a teacher, for sure.