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Basic Facts about Guitar Notes to Know for Beginners

Guitar Notes in General

If you want to learn guitar, then it is crucial to understand the guitar notes first. It is safe to say that the notes are basically the building blocks that will enable you to play all the riffs, chords, and solos. If you can’t understand the notes, then it would be impossible to learn the guitar perfectly and well. So, what are the notes, anyway?

If you want to understand the basic, know that a guitar has 6 strings where each of them has its own number and name. This is called the standard tuning.

· The thickest string is the sixth string. In the standard tuning, this one is generally tuned to E or the low E string. This would be the lowest or the deepest note that any guitar player can play
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· The fifth string is generally tuned to A, which makes it known as the A string
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· The fourth string is generally tuned to D, making it known as the D string
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· The third string is generally tuned to G, making it known as the G string
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· The second one is generally tuned to B, making it known as the B string
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· And the first one is generally tuned to E. The first string is the thinnest one and players would refer it as the high E string.

So, if you have to put it in the order (from top to the bottom), it would be E – A – D – G – B – E.

You can always use a mnemonic to remember the order of the strings, such as the common Eat And Drink Gabby Baby Eagle. Feel free to use anything else that you like – maybe catchier, such as Echo And Delta Google Best Engine. You can always come up with anything else – if you are creative enough.

No need to worry about the arrangement as the order is just the same in all kinds of guitars – whether they are semi-acoustic, classic, electric, or acoustic. Another thing to remember is to stick to the standard tuning. Don’t try to change it while you are still a beginner. If you are a seasoned professional, you can do it. But if you are still new at this, avoid making changes or whatsoever. It would be a good (and wise idea) to stick with the standard tuning for the minimum 6 months of your guitar lesson.
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Common Mistakes

A lot of beginners think that notes and chords (on the guitar) are just the same. Well, they aren’t. If you have to make comparisons, notes and chords are like letters and words. Notes refer to the musical language’s smallest unit while chords are the groups of notes. Notes are basically the letters while chords are basically the words.

When you want your guitar skills to develop, you need to focus on the notes (with standard and common tuning) and chords for the early 3 months to 5 months of the lesson. Only after you really grasp the ideas and the skills, then you can move on to chords and fretboard. Don’t rush things or you may not be able to grasp the guitar skill as you want to.