baby grand piano size

Baby Grand Piano Size & Things To Consider

About Baby Grand Piano Size

Don’t be fooled by the terms Baby Grand as the piano isn’t as small as you think. If you want to know the real Baby Grand piano size, it generally varies from 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches (about 150-170 cm), so it isn’t exactly a small device. Even some people would call it the Medium Grand.

This is considered an ideal size because it fits just nicely (and perfectly) in any space. Moreover,making adjustments or improvement for the Baby Grand would be easy because the technical aspects allow it. However, this one can’t be used for the Carnegie Hall or any concert halls.
baby grand piano size weight measurement in cm inches length and height

Baby Grand Piano vs Grand Piano

Both of them are a part of the Grand piano type, but their strings’ lengths and soundboard have different sizes. Because of the differentiation, the effect can be seen (or heard) from the quality of the resonance, sound, and also volume. That’s why you use Concert Grand piano inperformances because the sound quality can go high – reaching the upper parts of the concert halls. You need pianos with longer strings and bigger soundboard. This is the reason why Concert Grand Piano isn’t placed in the living room (of the house) as it may blow your ears out.

Wide or Short Tail Consideration

There are also different constructions for the Baby Grand pianos: the ones with short tail or theones with wide tail. The ones with wide tail can accommodate longer (bass) strings; thus, having more space for the bigger soundboard. Plus, it has better reception for the bridges. In short, the pianos with wide tails are more superior (and better in terms of sound quality) thanks to the richer bass tone.

It doesn’t mean that smaller pianos won’t be able to produce high quality sound. There are several smaller pianos with high-quality and well-built construction having the same sound quality and richness (and also impressive integrity) as the bigger pianos. Again, it depends on the components (and their qualities), the skills of the builder, and the (generally) high price.

Choosing the Right Baby Piano

When you want to have a Baby Grand piano, there are several considerations that you need to make. The dimension of the piano, especially, is the most important factor. When you want to buy a piano, do your research. Check with the one who makes the device about the exact specifications.

The pianist should be able to sit and move comfortably, especially when getting in or out. You need to know where and how it is going to be placed out. It is also important to consider because it will affect the position of the furniture, decor for the room, and also the balance of the sound quality. After you understand the details and the actual dimension, add 2 feet more within the length, so you can place the stool or bench.

For many homeowners and residential settings, the Baby Grand is the ideal option, especially for home usage. The tone and volume are enough to fill the air in the living room. Not to mention that the model and the size are perfect for all kinds of homes – the luxurious high-end homes as well as the modest ones.