Just Dance Tonight, Phaze 3: The Singers!

And, here it is, the third and final installment in the countdown to Just Dance on The Tonight Show. If you were wondering who the background singers on that perfomance are, as you did during the last Gagafrontrow Xmas contest, this should be of interest to you.

Monet Monico is one of the singers. Born Monet Tatianna Lerner on May 2, 1990, Monet was a child actress and performer, who opened up as a solo singer for Jesse McCartney and appeared on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Zoey 101. She was also on P. Diddy's Starmaker. Sadly, a few years later, she was featured on the Dr. Phil show as she had become a drug addict. She has since, however, recovered. As Monet Lerner, she has recently starred in a musical. Monet's performance on Lady Gaga's Tonight Show appearance was announced and discussed online (listen below). You can check her updated video reel on her YouTube account. Monet has (old) webpages on FacebookMyspace, and a (now hacked) Twitter. There are various videos about her on Youtube.

Zshatwa is another one of the singers. Born and raised in L.A., she became a singer and dancer from an early age. She attended Bancroft Middle School, a performing arts school, after which she attended Alexander Hamilton Music Academy. Zshatwa¹s song “Fresh” featured MC Lyte, and she has released two mixtapes, Diary Of A Skater Chick & The Fresh Campaign. Zshatwa has also appeared in videos with Missy Elliott, won the LL Cool J Boomdizzle contest, and danced with the Pussycat Dolls. Several of her songs can be seen and heard on Youtube. She has one son. Zshatwa has her own website and is on Twitter, Instagram, TumblrFacebookYoutube, and Soundcloud.

And who is the third background singer?
I really don't know! So if you do, please tell us!

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