Gaga Concert Posters: Before the Fame

And before the fame, you might ask, were there any lady Gaga concert posters? Before the Fame Ball Tour of 2009, Lady Gaga performed at promotional events and as a support act. The promotional tour appearances by Lady Gaga in 2008 had no special posters but were at times advertised with the promo posters for The Fame album. Other events, however, did have a poster design, sometimes with a physical copy as well. Here are some examples, working our way backwards in time.

Digital files. Upon completion of the Fame Ball Tour in North America, Lady Gaga finished up her tour as a support act to the Pussy Cat Dolls on their Doll Domination World Tour. These shows took place in May 2009, at a time when Lady Gaga had already emerged as a new star. Her name was duly added to the tour poster. The earlier part of the Doll Domination tour in Europe and the UK did not even feature Lady Gaga's name on the poster even though she was on the tour. Physical copies of these posters havenot been located.

Poster! Lady Gaga's appearance as a support act on the New Kids on the Block tour in the United States was strikingly not mentioned in the official poster of that tour. Here is a poster of that tour and, as you can see, only Natasha Bedingfield is mentioned as a special guest even though Gaga also performed at this show. Yes, a Gaga poster without Gaga! This poster measures 11" x 17".

Digital files only! Lady Gaga's appearance at the New Year's Eve Ball at Webster Hall in New York, as announced, was held on December 31, 2008. There is no physical poster for this show.

Digital file only! The official release party of The Fame album was The Fame Ball at Highline Ballroom on October 28, 2008. A special poster design was made for this show, but it exists only as a digital file.

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