Gaga Promo Posters: The Fame (Monster)

As a new feature, we will be showing the Lady Gaga promotional and concert posters in the Gagafrontrow collection. All the featured posters are officially licensed and are not commercially available. In other words, these posters are not for purchase but are used to promote Lady Gaga's record releases and/or advertise her concert tours. They are issued by the record company (Interscope) and/or the concert promotor (LiveNation). Also, all the posters featured here are physical copies, not mere digital images. All posters were issued in the United States unless mentioned otherwise. This first group features promotional posters for The Fame and The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga's first two albums.

The above poster is the very first official promotional poster issued for Lady Gaga. It is an interesting item because it was issued in the Spring of 2008 before The Fame was even released. It announces the album for Summer 2008, but The Fame was released on August 19, 2008 only in Canada and not until October 28 in the US. The poster features unique artwork that was eventually not used for the album, but only for the Just Dance single. The poster was often used to promote early Lady Gaga appearances. This poster measures 18" x 24".

Upon release of The Fame, an additional two promo posters for the album were issued. One features artwork of the Poker Face single, while the other has a picture from the booklet of the album as it was originally released in Canada and Europe. (The Poker Face version is also available as a commercial poster, missing the album ad at the bottom.) Both posters measure 18" x 24".

Note: an additional promo poster for The Fame is available with artwork from the LoveGame video. Seen here, the country-of-origin is not known. Send an email if you know more about this poster.

The promotional poster for The Fame Monster features the artwork of the two editions of the album. This poster is double-sided, with one album cover on each side. This poster measures 14" x 22".

See also the signed poster from Chicago 2008.

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