Gaga Promo Posters: Born This Way

Moving right along, here are several official promo posters for Born This Way.

Because the Born This Way album was announced so much time in advance, the first U.S. promo poster for the album coincided with the release of the single and also features the single's artwork. This poster measures 14" x 22".

The first Born This Way promo was also released as a small card. It measures 6" x 6".

Promo cards were also issued in other countries. Here is a Born This Way promo card from Taiwan. This card measures 10cm x 15cm, which is about 4" x 6".

The second U.S. promo poster for the Born This Way, issued upon the album's release, is a double-sided poster that features the artwork of the regular and special releases of the CD. This poster is available in slight variations, usually single-sided, in several different countries, e.g. in Japan. (The U.K. versions feature the artwork and red font that was used in related promotional pictures.) The above U.S. version of this promo poster measures 14" x 22".

The U.S. promo poster for the Born This Way: The Collection release (featuring Born This Way, Born This Way: The Remix, and the Monster Ball DVD [officially called: Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden]) mainly features the artwork of the DVD. The poster is available in at least two sizes, including a super-sized version that consists of four panes of 24" x 40" each. The poster seen above measures 14" x 22".

A two-sided promo card for the Born This Way: The Collection was also issued. This card measures 4" x 6".

In Taiwan, a promo card for the Born This Way: The Collection was issued that features the main artwork of the Collection rather than the DVD. This promo card measures 9cm x 13cm, which is about 3.5" x 5".

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