Gaga Concert Posters: The Fame Ball

The Fame Ball was Lady Gaga's first headlining tour in North America. The tour was extended as the World or Summer Tour 2009 to other parts of the world. Although the Fame Ball Tour was restricted to North America, Fame Ball shows were held as part of the World/Summer Tour 2009, at festivals or in venues. Also, some U.S. shows of the Fame Ball Tour were postponed, two of them until after the summer. 
digital image of the poster design for the Fame Ball Tour was posted on Lady Gaga's website and Facebook and it was also used a lot elsewhere on the internet. Following SarahPawsUp's stimulating tweet, the hunt has been on for physical copies of this poster. However, a physical poster, whether actually displayed or not, for the Fame Ball Tour in North-America could not be located, presumably because the tour sold out quickly and Gaga's promotional support was at that time still limited. However, there are physical prints of the image available nonetheless.

As far as known, the only physical version of the North-American Fame Ball Tour poster design is a newspaper ad, probably from AM New York, that advertises the shows at Terminal 5. These two shows (early and late) were eventually postponed and held on May 2, 2009. This newspaper ad measures 9" x 11".

Just to provide an extra view, here is a full-page scan of the ad.

A physical poster that was released alongside of the Fame Ball tour is not a concert poster but a promotional poster that encourages fans to upload their pictures of the show to photobucket. It is the only known actual poster available that is at least related to the Fame Ball Tour. This promo poster measures 11" x 17".

The design of the Fame Ball tour poster was used to promote various shows of the World/Summer Tour 2009. Presumably there may be several such posters in different variations. There is a poster for the show in Hamburg, the only known larger size poster known to have survived. See separate post!

Similarly, here is a flyer for the August 15, 2009 show in Macao. This flyer measures 10cm x 21cm, which is about 4" x 6".

The design of the Fame Ball tour poster was also used in a poster for the Wonderland festival in Ibiza, where Lady Gaga performed on July 24, 2009. This poster measures 32cm x 49cm, which is about 12.5" x 19".

So there is at least one additional physical poster using the Fame Ball design, albeit for the World Tour 2009. This is a flyer for the August 12, 2009 concert in Singapore. This flyer measures 21 cm x 14.5cm, which is about 8" x 6".

This two-sided flyer is for Summer Sonic 2009, including a picture and mention of Lady Gaga. This flyer measures 10.5cm x 15cm, which is about 4" x 6".

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