Gaga Concert Posters: HBO Special

Next up in our review of Lady Gaga concert posters is a somewhat different event because it concerns the HBO television special of the Monster Ball at Madison Square Garden. Though obviously not an actual concert event, the HBO special was heavily advertised and promoted with its own unique posters. The HBO poster design was first revealed on Facebook on March 31, 2011. The television special first aired on Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 9:00pm.

As with live shows of a tour, the HBO special was advertised in newspaper and magazine ads. This magazine ad measures 8" x 11".

Also in the GFR collection is this super-sized poster promoting the HBO special. This poster measures a gigantic 48" x 72".

Alphonse is showing you how big the poster really is!

For reference, here are a few pictures of how the poster for the HBO special was displayed, in this case by means of two extra-large horizontally reframed posters in the subway and on Times Square.

Note that the poster for the HBO special should not be confused with the poster for the Born This Way: The Collection release, which includes the special as a DVD, that also features the burning-bra photo. See a prior posting for more info.

See earlier post and wait for more posters!

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