Gaga Concert Posters: The Born This Way Ball

This and the coming entries on Lady Gaga posters will include concert posters for various tours. Just to make your ears and eyes wobble a little, we will begin with the current Born This Way Ball and work backwards in time. As before, these are all physical copies of officially issued promotionally concert posters. Commercial posters available for purchase, usually at shows, are not included.
Concert posters are typically distinguished by advertising a specific show in a certain town and country, rather than the tour as such. There can therefore be dozens, even hundreds of variations of these posters. However, because these posters are indeed usually posted, glued to walls and billboards, they can be hard to come by despite their number. Many are printed, but few survive.

A digital file of the design of the Born This Way Ball poster was tweeted by Lady Gaga via twitpic on February 8, 2012. The poster has been featured very extensively all over the world in a multitude of variations and sizes. By example, click here to see pictures of the poster in Italy and Japan. The above picture was taken in Vienna, but alas the poster could not be removed. 

This super-sized version of the Born This Way Ball poster is in the GFR collection. The poster was printed but not used for the Born This Way Ball in Bogota, Colombia, November 6, 2012. Click here for a picture of the poster on a wall. This poster consists of four panes of about 26" x 39" each, for a giantacular total of 52" x 78".

Another biggie, this poster is for the canceled shows in Philadelphia. This poster measures 4 x 6 feet.

The Born This Way Ball poster design has also been featured in various magazine and newspaper ads. (An Australian ad uses a somewhat different design). Here you see a poster-sized print ad from a Finnish magazine to advertise the show in Helsinki on August 27, 2012. This magazine ad measures 40cm x 54cm, which is about 16" x 21".

A wide variety of other printed promotional items also feature the Born This Way Ball poster design. Here you can see flyers from the inaugural Born This Way Ball in Seoul (where a ton of banners featured the poster design) and from the shows at the Staples Center. The Seoul flyer measures 10cm x 21cm, which is about 4" x 8". The Staples flyer measures 4" x 9".

This flyer is for the January 23 show in Phoenix. It is double-sided with an ad for a P!nk show on the back. This flyer measures 4" x 6".

See earlier posting and stay tuned for more concert posters!

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