The Joy of Seoul (The Sorrow of Belgium)

The sorrow of Belgium is such that a letter sent to the Belgian press about the Belgian presence at the Born This Way Ball in Seoul was left without a response. Two journalists from Belgium, one from each language community, were recently informed that the first ever Born This Way Ball in Seoul, Korea, on April 27, was attended by two fans from Belgium: a Professor from Stokkem, Limburg, presently at the University of South Carolina, and a student from Seraing, Liege, who is currently attending Kookmin University in Seoul. A picture of the two Belgians was distributed via Twitter and got a lot of positive feedback from other fans, so that the country of Belgium, too, had gained some favorable attention. Alas, the journalists never responded, so that it must be concluded, sadly, that Belgium no longer exists, except at the Born This Way Ball... Besides, who needs journalists when we all are online and can communicate directly. Like Lady Gaga wrote in the case of fashion, there are no more echelons.
These Belgians can be followed on Twitter: here and here. :)

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