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Here are some details on the Monster Pit at the Born This Way Ball. Also check the Seoul and Balls pages.
The Monster Pit waiting line is a separately marked line outside the venue. It is indicated by a sign and very easy to find. The line opens at 8:00am. But some fans in Seoul were early, of course, waiting across the street to avoid the time policy. I arrived at 7:30am and eventually still got at the front stage left, a good spot because it is front of the stage as well as next to the runway.
In the waiting line, monsters respect one another and don't cut in line. Security is done by Gaga's crew in collaboration with local venue staff. Every fan I met in Seoul was very respectful in the line and nobody was pushing or anything. In Seoul, also, security walked around with clickers to count us as we were lined up, sitting down in rows of four. Some fans (I think very very few) can get picked to go into the Monster Pit late even when they did not wait, for instance because they are dressed in some spectacular way. My guess is there are very very very few such fans that can get picked late. In Seoul, I saw just one fan getting into the Monster Pit late!
The wristbands are handed out around 4:00pm, the entry into the venue is around 5:30pm. Once you're in the waiting line, you can of course go get some food or go for a short bathroom break or whatever and then come right back in line, as long as you stay pit for a lot of time waiting in line and don't stay away for long. You cannot have friends wait in your stead, which is rude anyway. Monsters are friends and get along. So be sure to get in line so that you do not miss anything. Other than that, you can just get to the waiting line early, but I cannot tell you which is the best time really. Sorry, but I can give no specific advice, because what works for me may not work for you.
In Seoul, the Monster Pit itself was 2,000 fans. But one of Gaga's crew told me that in arenas the Pit is configured smaller, for some 400 fans or more but less than 2,000, depending on size of venue. You need a GA Standing ticket, but there are otherwise no restrictions, no dress code or anything! It is first come first served until the limit is reached. Security regularly counts the number of fans so that they can close the pit waiting line when the limit is reached. After the security crew escorts the fans in orderly fashion into the Pit, everybody can take their spots. All places in the Pit are awesome! It is also very safe because the fan capacity is limited.
One fan got picked from the Pit for a meet & greet, Jean, who was first in line to arrange for him to get the necklace for the key. He was contacted by security while waiting in line, and he met Gaga backstage after the show with his three friends. 
I have not much news about the merchandise, except that there were several tour t-shirts, a black leather jacket with BTW on back, lunch box, band aids, and some other small stuff.
Please note that the U.S. leg of the tour has slightly different Pit rules.
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