Judy in Ethiopia

Monster Ball violinist Judy Kang has not been sitting still since touring the world with Lady Gaga and her recent work with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Judy continues to lend her musical talents to many artists in the pop and classical worlds. But Judy is also a sweet human being committed to bettering the world in other ways. Between March 16 and 24, Judy spent a week in Ethiopia as an artist ambassador with World Vision, an organization dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. During her stay in Ethiopia, Judy visited areas of development, such as wells, schools, and children and their families who are sponsored by World Vision.

Upon her return to the US, Judy posted a moving account on her Facebook page. She wrote, "I am very thankful for the perspective and 'humbling' experience I was given. I was taught that you can survive on very little yet be so gracious, hopeful, and thankful. Life isn't easy and they deserve just as much as we have. By the same measure, there is so much we don't need and deserve. The living situations for the most part were horrendous... The people there truly reflected God's beauty, love, and image. Their faith in God was steadfast and pure. How is it that a loving God could allow the situations to be as they are and that they in turn love Him so? I cried tears of sorrow and my heart was heavy. Through seeing the beauty of the land and the times of silence and peace I had seeking Him, He convicted me of many things. He revealed my character, the condition of my heart, and to re-examine them. When one is faced with hardship and challenge and is in an uncomfortable environment, it exposes our weaknesses/strengths and true character... My purpose as a human being is strengthened and this experience has added layers and new dimensions to my role as a musician. It's also has taught me that everyone can make a difference and that every little bit of what one does counts. Serve those around you, give back, be compassionate..."
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