Lady Gaga Seoul Concert Rated R...

The Lady Gaga concert in Seoul on April 27, 2012, the opening show of the Born This Way Ball, has been banned for teenagers younger than 18 years of age by the Korean Media Ratings Board of the Republic's Gender Ministry. The Ratings Board made this decision because the music of Lady Gaga was deemed "inappropriate" for young teenagers on the basis of the fact that the song Just Dance had earlier received an R rating because of its references to clubbing and drinking.
자유 언론
Of course, there is an issue with rating a concert that has not happened yet and on which there is no information available at present about its content, although Gaga's first world hit can safely be expected to be part of the show. However, what has actually happened is that the Ratings Board simply used the R-rating of Just Dance to cave in to the pressures it faced from certain private groups who have voiced concerns for other reasons. Especially the Korean Association of Church Communication has contributed to misrepresent the music (and message) of Lady Gaga to suggest that the singer "has advocated homosexuality and performed in an explicitly sexual manner..." and that action is needed "to stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography." The organizer of the show, Hyundai Card, in turn, accepted the Board's decision and would refund younger ticketholders (inasmuch as can be judged from the actual purchases, which may well have included parents) (citations from Korea Herald). Attempts are now made to change the rating and allow younger fans to enjoy the music of lady Gaga.
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