Submit Ur BTWBall GagaFrontRow Banner!

I welcome submissions for new GagaFrontRow banners to fit the design of the Born This Way Ball tour! If you can help out, I'd appreciate it. Sorry, no prize contest this time, because this 작은 악마 just booked a flight and hotel for a stay in Seoul...

From those of you who wish to help out, I will post as many good banners as possible, allowing all those I find cool to be featured on the site, each for some period of time during the upcoming tour. Please follow these instructions: download the banner that is presently on the site and keep intact the 15pt top bar as well as the thin border around the main image. Then you can fill out the main title as you wish to include the word GAGAFRONTROW.NET in all caps, somehow like though not necessarily exact to the font used on the BTWBall tour poster. Use colors that are appropriate to the poster design and (important!) be sure that the banner overall contrasts well with the current background, which will remain in place. Submitted banners will be posted as soon as I get good submissions, so get to it!

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