Collectors Corner Update

January 29, 2012. Believe it or not, this is a collectors update on GagaFrontRow, almost a year after the last, for reasons well known. Just some updates on recent acquisitions. And there's even an eBay alert...

The Fame - Advance promo #2, 2008. This US edition is a watermarked, numbered, and personalized AIFF-C audio CD, with the same tracks as the Canadian edition.
See updated post for advance promo #1!
The Fame - Download card, 2008. From the now-defunct Platinum Musicpass site.
Telephone - Promo (The Netherlands, one track, 2009)
Check the GFR Collection page for more info.
eBay alert!
Yikes, somebody has been selling a bootleg of Take You Out, which is of course an unreleased track that leaked around Xmas time and could not have been released officially. Remarkably this disc contained the remixes by GagaFrontRow...
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