Gaga Peace Jacket

January 8, 2012. Not just another addition to the Gagafrontrow collection... This jacket was acquired via eBay on December 7, 2011 from a donation by superfan Stephanie Picher, with the proceeds going to the Robin Hood Foundation. It is a Calvin Klein medium jacket with the sleeves removed. The words "BAD KID" are studded onto the back below a skull-and-crossbones patch and a "Born This Way" unicorn patch, with a custom hand-made "GAGA" patch below. All alterations, including almost 300 different studs of various styles, were done by Stephanie herself, who wore the jacket on August 18 at the premiere of the You and I video on MTV First.

Many of you will know Stephanie as she has been featured in the media a few times because of her Gaga fanship. Here is what Stephanie herself had to say about why she decided to part with the jacket: "This jacket means a great deal to me because I equate it with amazing experiences with friends and Gaga. It is also something that I created, but after a lot of though, I would be happy to sign the inside and donate it for an auction to make a difference!" Check out the Peace, Love, and Gaga group established by Stephanie and Isabel Gibson on Facebook.

Stay tuned to gagafrontrow for updates on the continued journey of this jacket. During the Born This Way Ball the jacket will be seen... :)

Update: Stephanie passed away on April 14, 2014, following a car accident. She will be remembered as a true friend in the Gaga fan community.

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