Calvin Gaines v. Rob Fusari and Rob Fusari Productions LLC

With much of the attention going to the lawsuit filed by 1-800-lawfirm against Lady Gaga regarding the Japan charity bracelets, another court case has received much less attention. On June 15, 2011, Calvin Gaines filed a lawsuit against Robert Fusari (co-producer of several songs on The Fame) in the New York Southern District Court on charges of copyright infringement (case# 1:11-cv-04067).
In the lawsuit, Gaines charges that he should have been credited as co-author and co-producer of four Lady Gaga songs: Paparazzi, Beautiful Dirt Rich, Disco Heaven (released on The Fame) and Retro Dance Freak (released on certain international editions of The Fame and the deluxe edition of The Fame Monster). On the albums, Gaines is only credited for additional programming and bass on several songs and for co-writing Retro Dance Freak, while receiving no moneys for co-authorship of the songs or for co-ownership of the recordings. The lawsuit seeks Gaines to be credited and to receive in excess of one million ($1,000,000) dollars.
The 9-page case filing can be downloaded as a pdf document.
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