Red and Blue: Real and Fake

Sadly, several counterfeit copies of the Red and Blue (and Words) demo have sold at outrageous prices in November and December 2010. On eBay, a seller by the name of norwegianlady1744 has cheated fans out of hundreds of dollars per copy. In the interest of protecting the fans, here is some more information on the original release and bootleg copies of the demo.

The original Red and Blue demo CD leaked on the internet some time ago. Based on the pictures posted then and as later confirmed by the canceled Bob Leone auction, the original EP release looks like this.
1) There is a rather easily detected counterfeit available. This CD mentions Interscope on the cover, which is absurd because Lady Gaga was not signed to Interscope at the time of the demo, which was self-released.

2) Another counterfeit is a bit harder to detect, but it contains several mistakes. Most strikingly, it misspells the name of the producer.

3) The following counterfeit (sold by norwegianlady1744) is still harder to detect, but it has various mistakes, especially in the spacing of the letters and the font.
4) Another counterfeit can be detected by the artwork, the picture of which is too dark so that Gaga's face and hair cannot be properly seen, and the back cover which is too dark blue. The disc itself is very close to the original, but the spacing of the copyright line is off and the font of the title is slightly taller.

It is safe to assume that an authentic copy of the demo EP will not easily be sold publicly at this time. Both the copies posted on the collectors sites of gagamania and gagagraphy are fakes. The recent auction organized by a former manager of Lady Gaga got canceled, and eBay has also seen copies of Red and Blue taken off the site, though not the counterfeits.
See the Collecting Gaga page for more info.

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