Singing Singers Sing

Another GagaFrontRow exclusive! The Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour welcomes two new singers. Joining Taneka Samone Duggan on vocals (since the LA show) are Jasmine Morrow and Chevonne Ianuzzi.

Jasmine Morrow (aka "Jazz" aka GoGo) is a singer from Philadelphia who along with three of her sisters was in the band BellaVi. With her sisters, Jasmine is classically trained and college educated. Vocal experience includes various musical styles, including gospel, R&B, rock, classical, and jazz. BellaVi has opened up for many artists such as Lil Wayne, Dem Franchise Boys, and Bobby Brown. Follow her on Twitter!

Chevonne Ianuzzi (first letter of surname is an i) is a self-described funk-nasty Jersey girl with the mile-high pink ‘fro. She is gifted with real hairspray and glitz, sticky sweet and sweaty, all cork popping, street stomping, a pocket-sized Betty Davis, loud, trashcan groove freak to the grave supreme Girl Funk ambassador from straight up outer space. Chevonne has a Twitter account.

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