eBay Alert: Red and Blue Bootleg Again!

August 25, 2010. Another bootleg copy of the Red and Blue CD (originally self-released by Stefani Germanotta in March 2006) has just sold on eBay, for no less than 367 British Pounds (that's $565). This bootleg copy looks very similar to the original release, but it is not authentic as can be detected from the misspelling on the disc of Gaga's then-producer. Sorry I did not know of this sale sooner, but I hope the buyer sees this notice on time before the sale is finalized.

The fact that this disc is in appearance so close to the original should caution any next copy being offered for sale. Digital printing has advanced to the point that it may become possible to reproduce so close to the original that it will be very difficult to tell the difference anymore. The seller of this bootleg (who falsely told me that he had bought the disc from Gaga back in 2006) bought printable discs and printer ink on eBay just a few weeks prior to this sale.
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