Collectors Corner Update

August 2010. Here are some of the recent additions to the GagaFrontRow music collection.

eBay Alert, August 30, 2010
So many scams are happening on eBay lately, it's hard to keep track. By example, this seller is selling bootleg Red and Blue repeatedly. Also, this link leads to a Lady Gaga CD that is advertised as "mega rare" when it is in fact a (Chinese) counterfeit version of the US edition of The Fame stuck in a red jewel box.
Poker Face - Promo single (Denmark, 2009). Promos from Denmak pop up on eBay from time to time, especially relating to the later singles of The Fame. This 10-track promo of Poker Face is one of the earlier of these releases.
The Remix (slipcase, 2010). This is an official release from China, with 14 tracks (as compared to 17 tracks on the international editions and 10 on the US edition).
The Remix - US edition promo (2010). This is the promo edition of the US version of The Remix EP, distributed by fly-life.
The Remix - EP Japan counterfeit #2 (16 tracks, [2010]). This is the second counterfeit of this CD following the version with the 'Porker Face' misspelling.
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