On august 12, 2010, received a notice via Blogger (the company hosting this site, which itself is owned by Google) concerning a copyright claim on the basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As if this wasn't funny enough, the notice concerned a post about an unauthorized vinyl release! The post was not automatically removed, as used to be the case, so that it could simply be changed.
Judging from earlier examples, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), representing almost all (85%) of the record companies in the United States, has a say in this. The RIAA once sued some college students who had developed search engines as forming "a sophisticated network designed to enable widespread music thievery."

"You know what music is about? Music is about bringing all people together. Music has no f*cking no religion. It has no f*cking color. It has no f*cking genre. It has no politics. And it has no money. It's f*cking free."
Lady Gaga, Montreal, 11/27/2009.

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