Collectors Corner Update

June 2010. A few of the recent additions of the GagaFrontRow music collection, with some special observations on counterfeits.

The Fame Monster - Limited Edition USB Drive. Not as collectable as the USB of The Fame, but the only legal way to rip Gaga's head off.
The Fame - US counterfeit. This counterfeit can be detected by its less than stellar printing quality, the slightly differing title font, and the different seal wrapping. Cheap and probably made in China in 2010.
The Remix - EP 'clean' Hong Kong counterfeit. Possibly the most difficult to detect counterfeit, this CD one is very close to the original, with only a minor color difference in the disc and lacking an insert. Cheap and probably made in China.
The Remix - EP Japan with a misspelled title ('Porker Face') on the back cover. The same misspelling is also present in the code imbedded in the disc of all copies of the Japanese edition and also appears in an advertisement for the EP. However, the printing of this CD is not of professional quality, so it is a counterfeit rather than an early edition of the official release with misspelling.
In-store advertisement (Japan)
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