Contest Winners!

Great going! Most all submissions for the GagaFrontRow First Anniversary Contest identified the building as The Pythian, located at 135 West 70th Street in New York City! Well, it wasn't too difficult (despite the renovations) because of all the pictures of the building that can be found on the internet. It is the business address of GuestWifi, Mermaid, Team Love Child, and, presently, House of Gaga Publishing. Special congrats to those of you who figured out the answer from the courtcase that was filed a few weeks ago!

The winners are Angel Love from Staten Island (first prize) and
Youssef from Nanterre, France (second prize), who get a 12# and a CD version of Telephone respectively. Congrats!
You can read more about The Pythian's architecture as
well as about its rock 'n' roll history online.

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