The Fame Monster Unedited

Update, November 2009! As fans have by now come to realize, the new Lady Gaga album The Fame Monster has been released in a edited format! Fans are very surprised and disappointed. The twitter account of the Cherrytree Records has stated that an unedited version would be in the works, but nobody knows when this might be... In view of this problem, GagaFrontRow initially decided to put unedited versions of the songs of The Fame Monster up for download. However, we also contacted Gaga's manager and he has in the meantime responded that an unedited version of The Fame Monster will be posted on iTunes! See Gaga manager's message below that was sent to GagaFrontrow.

Needless to argue, The Fame Monster was released in an edited version to assure sales of physical copies of the CD as sales have largely moved from record stores to retail chains which do not carry stickered albums.
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