Lady Gaga Music: The Fame/Monster

Here is some info about Lady Gaga's first two albums with singles and EPs, nothing else for reasons explained here. Collecting Gaga CDs is not encouraged.

Albums and Singles
Lady Gaga's first two albums are The Fame and The Fame Monster. From each of these albums, several singles have been released. Additionally, the following EPs have been issued: The Cherry Tree Sessions, Hitmixes, and The Remix. Japan released an additional The Singles box set. The albums and The Remix EP have been released in various formats and in several nations, often with extra songs and/or in different covers. Single releases in different nations vary as well. Check the Music Collection page for more info. Here are a few details:
  • The Fame - Debut album, released in multiple international editions
  • Just Dance; Poker Face; Eh, Eh; LoveGame; Paparazzi - Singles from The Fame, of which Eh, Eh and LoveGame were released only in selected nations. A non-album single is Christmas Tree. A non-album download is Vanity.
  • The Cherrytree Sessions - Originally to be sold exclusively in Borders stores in the US in 2009; re-released in 2010.
  • Hitmixes - Only released in Canada.
  • The Fame Monster - The sophomore album, released as a single CD and as a double CD (with The Fame) in various formats in multiple nations.
  • Bad Romance; Telephone; Alejandro - Singles from The Fame Monster.
  • The Remix - Released in Japan and, in different formats, in other nations and in the US.
  • The Singles - Box set of nine singles, released in Japan.

Official, Unofficial, and Unauthorized Releases
Not all CDs and records available for purchase are official releases. A release can be official, unofficial, or unauthorized. An official release is issued by Lady Gaga's record company. An unofficial release contains non-copyrighted material, such as interviews, copyrighted songs that have been licensed for other releases, such as compilation or sampler CDs, and, in rare cases, certain remixes. An unauthorized release contains copies of material that is officially released and/or copyrighted, in which case it is a bootleg or a counterfeit. A bootleg is an unauthorized release in a different form, either or both in terms of the songs included and the cover art. A counterfeit is an unauthorized copy of an official release. Unofficial releases, bootlegs, and counterfeits can be nice additions to a collection as long as they are factory-made, rather than home-made, and explicitly advertised or at least easily recognized as non-official releases. Neither condition is necessarily fulfilled and sometimes difficult to check until the item is in hand and can be compared with an official release. Technological advances in digital music production and printing have made matters more complicated and tend to blur the distinction between home-made and factory-made.

Promo Releases
Promo items refer to releases issued for promotional use to radio stations and journalists. Promos are a fun, but at the same time difficult category for collecting, mainly because they are issued within individual nations where the record company branches have considerable autonomy, even more so than in the case of singles, in deciding how to release a promo. Most typically, a promo will relate to a single, but promos of albums and of songs not released as singles exist as well. Because the appearance of promos is vastly differing, ranging from releases with full artwork to CDRs in a plastic sleeve, bootleg copies are oftentimes presented as promos. Some promo items are very collectable because they contain unique artwork and/or remixes of songs not available elsewhere. But promos can also be bootlegged... In some cases, it has become virtually impossible to determine whether a promo release is authorized or not.

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