Monster Ball 1.0 Tour Itinerary

Here is the very real tour itinerary for the Monster Ball 1.0 (theatre version), North America, November 2009 thru January 2010. This itinerary is coil-bound and contains 61 numbered pages, featuring touring personnel, tour policies, and day schedules. It has several grey-colored dividing pages.

de la maison de gagafrontreau
Beware of the fake copy of this itinerary that has been going around!
Also see the Monster Ball 2.0 (arena tour) itineraries.

Archives Updates

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  • Camden Monster Ball 1.0 [140MB + 96MB] - December 3, 2009. Good! 
  • Celebrity Playlist [16MB] - Podcast with Lady Gaga, 2009.
  • Planet Venus [91MB] - Venus remixes. 
  • Monster [155MB] - Whole bunch o' remixes! 
  • The Fame Time Machine [55MB] - Two megamixes from The Fame.
  • Gimme Shelter [17MB] - Live with The Rolling Stones, December 2012.
  • 60 Minutes [12MB] - Lady Gaga and the Art of Fame, 2011.
  • The McLaughlin Group [42MB] - Mashups by Liam McLaughlin.
  • Radio Interviews [52MB] - From the early Fame era. 
  • X Da Mash Ups [77MB] - Mashups galore, incl. Poker Face Maneater! 
  • The Fame Megamixes [150MB] - Yup, mega mixes.
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Electric Mash (mp3)

Check out this cool Audiomash by Mashup DasBambi, featuring Lady Gaga (Electric Chapel), Enigma (Mea Culpa), and Eurythmics (Here Comes the Rain again).

Get the above and a bunch more via:
Electric Chapel: The Remixes [122MB]
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Tony Bennett Quartet

As the Cheek To Cheek tour continues in Las Vegas, check out the great musicians of the Tony Bennett Quartet!

Mike Renzi (piano): Facebook | wiki
Gray Sargent (guitar): Allmusic
Marshall Wood (bass): Allmusic
Harold Jones (drums): website
Check info on the Brian Newman Quintet in earlier post!

Brian Newman Quintet

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga kick off the Cheek To Cheek tour tonight, April 10, 2015, in Las Vegas, again! Also check out their great musicians, including the Tony Bennett Quartet and New York's own Brian Newman Quintet!

Steven Kortyka (sax): Twitter | Instagram
Scott Ritchie (bass): TwitterFacebook
Alex Smith (piano): Twitter | Instagram
Brian Newman (trumpet): Twitter | Instagram
Paul Francis (drums): Twitter | Instagram
Also check the Tony Bennett Quartet members!

April 9

Six whole years! Happy 6-year anniversary to all of us (1,000!) spectators at Lady Gaga's Fame Ball show in Atlanta, April 9, 2009. Here is my video of the intro, "Who Shot Candy Warhol?", and Paparazzi, from the front row! 

Check the first site post for pictures of the show.
And there's a video of Lady Gaga's message on the 2-year
anniversary at the New Orleans Monster Ball!

Remembering Mo Morrison

Remembering Mo Morrison, who died April 7, 2014, one year ago today. He was the tour director for Lady Gaga's Monster Ball and Born This Way Ball world tours. Mr. Morrison had also worked with Michael Jackson, Prince, Britney Spears, The Grateful Dead, and many others.

Click the video for interview.
See also Mo's BTWBall itineraries.

You've Got a Friend (mp3)

Lady Gaga. You've Got a Friend. MusiCares in Honor of Carole King, January 2015.

You've Got a Friend (HQ) [12MB] UPDATED!
Check the new HQ video on Youtube.

Poker Idol

April 1, 2015 is the six-year anniversary of Lady Gaga's performance of Poker Face on American Idol in 2009. This was Gaga's debut appearance on the television show. The live performance featured Walt Millsap as musical director, with Joey Bumpus (drums), Nelson Jackson (keys), and Matt Haze (guitar), joined by classical violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain. You can watch the video on Youtube!

Rehearsal pictures, Joey Bumpus (drums), Matt Haze (guitar).
Also see the Just Dance Tonight post!

The Distinction of Lady Gaga

In New Orleans, on Lady Gaga's birthday, professor Mathieu Deflem will speak about, "The Distinction of Lady Gaga," concerning the styles of Gaga across musical genres. The talk is at the Southern Sociological Society annual meeting, in the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel, room Burgundy, at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, March 28, 2015.

Lady Gaga... pop...rock... jazz!

Empower Our Nation’s Youth Initiative on the Cheek To Cheek Tour!

The Born This Way Foundation and Exploring the Arts are teaming up to highlight youth-oriented non-profits in several select cities on the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek tour. The selected non-profits will receive opportunities to showcase their work, share materials, and attract new followers.

Applications can be submitted online!

Gaga Madame Tussauds DC Debut

Washington, D.C., March 23, 2015 – Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C. will reveal the incomparable Lady Gaga wax figure this month, as she joins the attraction’s line-up of legendary cultural icons for a limited time only! Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. the wax figure will be unveiled at a one-of-a-kind birthday bash with the help of Lady Gaga’s adoring
fans at O Street Museum in The Mansion on O Street.

Lady Gaga’s wax figure will be in the nation’s capital until June and joins the wax figures of other award-winning female superstars. Gaga's wax figure is dressed in a black sheer leotard, thigh-high leather boots and rocker-punk hair. More information via

R.I.P. TJ Thompson, 1963-2014

With great sadness, we report the passing of TJ Thompson. TJ was the production manager on Lady Gaga's tours in 2009 and early 2010, from the first head-lining tour, The Fame Ball, in March 2009, through the summer 2009 world tour and the theatre Monster Ball shows until the first leg of the Monster Ball arena tour in March 2010. He passed away on May 28, 2014 at the age of 51.
Lady Gaga fans may recognize TJ as the guy who caught Gaga's microphone at the end of Poker Face during the shows on the Fame Ball tour. Besides working for Gaga, TJ had a very long career and worked as rigger and production manager for many artists in pop and rock, including Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Ciara, Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson, Rodger Waters, The Eagles, David Bowie, Kid Rock, U2, Def Leppard, David Lee Roth, Matchbox 20, Queensr├┐che, Marilyn Manson, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, Bon Jovi, Kiss, and more. May he rest in peace.
Thomas "TJ" Thompson, May 11, 1963 - May 28, 2014

Fame Ball World Tour Itinerary August 2009

This is the tour itinerary for the Lady Gaga (Fame Ball) World Tour, final leg, August 2009. This rare itinerary is about 25 unnumbered pages and contains info on tour personnel and contacts, show dates, day schedules, and more.

de la maison de gagafrontreau
Also see Fame Ball and Doll Domination itineraries.

Put on Your Poker Face...You Were Born This Way (audio)

Online radio feature, "Put on Your Poker Face...You Were Born This Way," about the fame of Lady Gaga, featuring sociology professor Mathieu Deflem.
Click play or download mp3 or listen on iTunes!
More info via the website.

OSIAA Gaga 2006 (mp3)

Lady Gaga's latest instagram picture is from her performance of the songs Wonderful and Fever at the first On Stage Italian American Artists (OSIAA) event at The Cutting Room, New York, on October 6, 2006.

Wonderful & Fever [onezip 21MB]
View the video on YouTube!

Check the Live 2005-07 Mp3Archives for more!

Till It Happens To You (MQ mp3)

Lady Gaga. Till It Happens To You. MQ from the movie The Hunting Ground.

Till It Happens To You (MQ) [8MB]
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Lady Gaga - Pop Revolutionary

Check out the article, "Lady Gaga, Pop Revolutionary," available online in English translation from the German original published in the magazine Melodie und Rhythmus. This article was written as the 'pro' opinion in answer to the question if Lady Gaga embodies a new form of feminism and progressive pop culture.

Click image for complete article in English!

The Sound of Music #Oscars (mp3)

Lady Gaga. The Sound of Music (medley). Academy Awards, February 22, 2015.

audio medley & interview zip [14MB]
video medley [383MB] & interview [107MB]
The Hills Are Alive, My Favorite Things, Edelweiss, Climb Ev’ry Mountain.
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The new Oscar statue has been unveiled!!

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