GFR Xmas Contest!

The Gagafrontrow 2014 Xmas Contest is on NOW! Ten winners will receive a digital download card of Lady Gaga's debut album The Fame. Part of the now defunct  Platinum Music Pass, the card cannot be redeemed anymore, making it an ancient-history collector's item! The winners will get a Gaga Xmas card as well!

To compete, answer the following question: Name any or all of the backup singers pictured below during one of Lady Gaga's early TV performances of Just Dance. 
Send your answer by email to, with subject line Xmas contest, and include your full mailing address with zip code. In the case of multiple right answers, ten lucky winners will be randomly selected. Good luck!

Contest will end December 22.

The Tonight Show (mp3)

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. The Tonight Show, December 17, 2014.

Tonight Show [onezip 30MB]
Includes Cheek to Cheek/It Don't mean a Thing,
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (web exclusive), Interview.
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Just Dance: Live TV (mp3)

In anticipation of the Xmas Contest, here is an audio zip of various live TV performances of Just Dance that were broadcast in 2008 and 2009.

Just Dance: Live TV [onezip 84MB]
Includes Tonight Show, The View, Rove, Sommarkrysset, Miss Universe,
On Demand, NRJ, Dome 47, Tubridy Tonight, Fama, and more.
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Sophie & Elsie Rave!

As seen on the artRAVE in Paris via Yahoo! Live, Lady Gaga's band was joined on stage by two female singers. They are British vocalists Sophie Hiller and Elsie!

Sophie and Elsie have their own solo careers going and are also known for their backup vocal duties for the likes of Tom Jones and Nicole Scherzinger. With Lady Gaga, they sang at the last three artRAVEs, in Sheffield, Newcastle, and Paris.

Sophie Hiller is a singer/songwriter specializing in soul/pop, Motown, and jazz. Sophie is on Twitter, where she announced to join Gaga on tour, on Instagram, where she posted a few pictures, and also has her own website.

Elsie (pronounced L.C., the initials of Laura Critchley, the singer's birthname) is from Liverpool. She is also on Twitter, where she announced the Paris show, on Facebook, on soundcloud with an EP, and has a website as well. Elsie's Japanese fan club is also on twitter, which also announced her Paris show.
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Fame Ball Doll Domination Tour Itinerary

Possibly the rarest of the lot, this is the tour itinerary for the Lady Gaga Fame Ball shows that took place as part of the Pussycat Dolls Doll Domination tour in Australia and New Zealand, May 16-30, 2009. This itinerary book is about 25 unnumbered pages and contains show dates, tour policies, contact info, and day schedules.

de la maison de gagafrontreau
See earlier post for the Fame Ball Spring 2009 tour itinerary!

artRAVE Tour Itineraries

Yes, indeed, these are the tour itineraries for the just completed artRAVE, both for the North America and the International leg of the tour. Containing 79 and 106 numbered pages respectively, each coil-bound itinerary book measures 5.5" x 8.5" and contains the usual info on tour policies, personnel, maps, and daily schedules. Cover design by the fantastic Iggy Proof.

North America (May-August 2014)

International (August-November 2014)
de la maison de gagafrontreau
See prior post for the Born This Way Ball itineraries!

Lush Life @ Howard Stern (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Howard Stern. Lush Life. December 12, 2014.

Lush Life [mp3 11MB]
Bonus: If I Ever Lose My Faith [LQmp3 9MB]
(This track should be televised one day in HQ.)
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Born This Way Ball Itineraries

Here are my itineraries of the Born This Way Ball, one for every leg of the tour, including the canceled shows. Measuring 5.5" x 8.5" with coil binding, these itinerary tour books include info on personnel, policies, and daily schedules.

Asia (not the dog) & Oceania
Europe & UK
Latin America & rest of the world
North America
de la maison de gagafrontreau
See earlier post for Monster Ball 2.0 tour itinerary.

Roy Bennett RAVE!

Leroy Bennett is the production & lighting designer of the artRAVE.

Click for many more pictures of the artRAVE lighting design!
Via Seven Design Works.
Remember the BTWBall audio dudes?

All We Hear

Check out the cool Facebook group "All We Hear is Lady Gaga". It posts lots of vintage pictures and much more good stuff!

Like AllWeHearIsLadyGaga on Facebook!

Tony Gaga Rockefeller Center (mp3)

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga. Winter Wonderland & It Don't mean a Thing. Christmas in Rockefeller Center, December 3, 2014.

Rockefeller Center [zip 11MB]
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Tony Gaga GMA (mp3)

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga. Interview & Cheek to Cheek. Good Morning America, December 3, 2014.

GMA [onezip 14MB]
Bonus video: interview&song [553MB]
Continued thanks to Nemo!

And check out Tony & Gaga on Colbert Report!

Tony Gaga Colbert Report (mp3)

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga. Interview & Cheek to Cheek. Colbert Report.

Colbert Report [onezip 19MB]
Bonus videos: interview [590MB] & song [433MB]

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Applause Trap (Post-artRAVE Track) (mp3)

It's the post-artRAVE track, albeit it the full vocal version.

Applause (DJ White Shadow Trap Remix) [mp3 10MB]
Or download the entire set of pre-show and post-show tracks!
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Monster Ball 2.0 Tour Itineraries

Tour itineraries for the Monster Ball 2.0 (arena version), for three legs of the tour: United Kingdom, February-March 2010; Australia/New Zealand, March-April 2010; and North America, Spring 2011. These itinerary books are, respectively, 18 numbered pages, about 25 unnumbered pages, and 78 numbered pages, with touring personnel, policies, general info, and daily schedules. They measure 5.5" x 8.5", with coil binding, clear plastic on the front, and heavy cardstock on the back.

North America, Spring 2011

de la maison de gagafrontreau
See earlier post for Monster Ball 1.0 tour itinerary.

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