The Hunting Ground on CNN

The Hunting Ground, CNN Films' landmark documentary, will air today Sunday, November 22 at 8:00pm. The date was moved from the 19th because of the Paris tragedy. The documentary features Lady Gaga singing Til It Happens To You.

Matt Haze!

Awesome meeting Matt Haze, current guitarist for Somo, who played guitar on Lady Gaga's live performance of Just Dance on the Tonight Show, all the way back in January 2009, my first time ever seeing Gaga.  

Check earlier post for all musicians on the Tonight Show performance!

ARTPOP Live artRAVE Intro (mp3)

ARTPOP Intro from the artRAVE live tour! Click and download via DJ White Shadow's soundcloud page, or just right here maybe.

The Mp3Archives have more stuff.

Forbes Gaga

Lady Gaga on the Forbes website among the world's highest-earning celebrities!

Click image for up-to-date profile!

We Love Jason!

Please donate a small amount on behalf of Jason Martin, musician and brother of Lady Starlight, best friend of Lady Gaga. Jason was the victim of a violent crime. He is doing much better and will recover, but he can use your financial help, even if it's just a little. Follow the gofundme link to donate!

Til It Happens to You @ amFAR (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Til It Happens To You. amFAR. October 30, 2015.

Til It Happens To You [12MB]
Check the video on YouTube!

Gagaween 2015

For Halloween 2015, it's another Gagaween audio feast presented by ChicaSkas!

Gagaween 2015 [mfire or mega 135MB]
Monster ('Trapped In The Hotel Mix') by Haus Of Glitch
Bloody Mary (American Horror Story Remix) by ZephyrTay
Scheisse (Gaga vs Marilyn Manson) by BornThisWay135
Paparazzi (The Hotel Hunt Remix) by Haus Of Glitch
Judas (Gagaween 2011 Remix) by YT's iluvladygaga156
Do What U Want (With My Spooky Scary Skeletons)
Poker Face (Von Langfeld Remix)
Off Your Face (Michael Jackson vs Lady Gaga)
Heavy Metal Halloween Interlude (by Haus Of Glitch)
Teeth (Haus Of Glitch Hotel Lounge Mix)
Bye, Fernando (Blvck Ceiling Remix)
Scheisse (Von Langfeld Gagaween Remix)
Government Purge (Jordan Howe Tribute Remix)
Tear You Apart (AHS Song by She Wants Revenge)
Gagaween Blvck Ceiling Medley (Dead Gaga)
There is more in the Mp3Archives for you.

Maria Gaga!

Yay! Maria Brink of In This Moment hopes to collaborate with Lady Gaga some day. Listen to her podcast with Jamey Jasta. Metalheads unite! 

Also check out the entire podcast on soundcloud!

Emotion Revolution Yale!

Emotion Revolution, closing session at Yale University, October 24, 2015. Gaga can be seen and heard starting at around the 59th minute.

Lady Gaga at Americans For The Arts

"I am here tonight because not only have you accepted me, but you have accepted someone that is not Lady Gaga. My name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I am an Italian-American. I was not born blond, like my mother would have you believe. I, over time, read so many books, watched so many movies, did so much art, met so many sculptors, filmmakers, poets, musicians, sidewalk artists that I invented something that was much stronger than I ever could had been on my own. And that is what, for me, is what I see between my fans and what I hope to achieve together. I ask you, please, to use me, use me, use me for your own art. Allow the world to come together, allow us all to share our creative processes together and not be isolated, but by talking about each other's work and lifting each other up. Art goes on forever to the future of the young people that look to all of you."

Read Gaga's full acceptance speech online.

Gaga Columbus Day

Lady Gaga and the Germanotta family, Columbus Day, October 2015.
Entrevista de Lady Gaga e sua Mãe Cynthia Germanotta para o "71ST ANNUAL COLUMBUS DAY PARADE".
Posted by Você sabia? Lady Gaga on Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Parade #TenYearsAfter

Lady Gaga will be at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City today, October 12, 2015, ten years after her first performance there on October 10, 2005, as announced in the pictured handbill flyer.

Check earlier post for more info on the flyer.
Also see the Columbus Citizens Foundation newsletter in 2006!

Troy Carter in the Tank!

Troy Carter was in the tank, the Shark Tank, as seen on ABC, October 9, 2015.

Read more about the former manager of Lady Gaga.

Dead Gaga Mix (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Dead Gaga Mix. Listen and download.

Click down arrow top-right to download!
Bonus: Jimy Fallon 10/06/2015
Part 1 624 MB 5:15 min. & Part 2 656 MB 5:28 min.
The Mp3Archives have more.

The Epic Megamix 2014

Lady Gaga. The Epic Megamix 2014. Thanks to Mark del Villar.

Epic Megamix [mediafire or mega] 24MB
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I Want Your Love (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Nile Rodgers. I Want Your Love. ShowStudio. Audio download.

I Want Your Love [mp3]
Originally performed by Chic.
Check the video by Nick Knight on YouTube.

Kareem & Syka

Follow Monster Ball guitarist Kareem "Jesus" Devlin's on his new twitter account, and check out his work with the metal band Syka!

See earlier posts for more info on Gaga's musicians
and the members of the Monster Ball band.

Trailer Park Del Rey

Interesting little read about somebody who knew Lana Del Rey before she was Lana Del Rey, including references to Lady Gaga and Bob Leone.

Click image for the read!
Includes video, a transcript of which is here.

Leone Management

Bob Leone has a new website for artist management. Check it out.

Click to visit leonemgmt.

Sister Lenesha

Check out the new single "The D" by Sister Randolph aka former Monster Ball singer Lenesha, now available on iTunes.

Get The D!
Also follow the sister on twitter!

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