Ricky Tillo Monster Ball Audition

Here's a video of Ricky Tillo's audition for the Lady Gaga (arena) Monster Ball Tour. Nailed it! As seen on instagram.


See earlier post for more info on the MB band!

Wardrobe Malfunction EP (mp3)

Paparazzi was performed with an extended 4-minute intro on November 8, 2014 at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, because of some malfunction backstage. Download as ripped from YouTube video.

Wardrobe Malfunction EP [14MB]
Paparazzi Extended Intro
More in the Mp3Archives from the artRAVE tour!

Nico, Mickey, Brooklynn!

Check out this video featuring former Lady Gaga dancer Michael Silas, former Lady Gaga MD Nico Constantine, and his new singing star, Brooklynn. Click image!

Check for more info on Lady Gaga's former musicians.

The Eggs of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the new Mozart! As reported in the South China Morning Post, the egg production of chickens has been shown to be beneficially stimulated via he music of Mozart and our own Lady Gaga.

From Warhol To Gaga (video)

Video of the presentation, "From Warhol to Gaga," by sociologist Mathieu Deflem. Columbia Museum of Art, August 18, 2015.

More info via mathieudeflem.net.

Warhol... Gaga... Fame...

Who Shot Candy Warhol? "From Warhol to Gaga", a talk by sociologist Mathieu Deflem at the Columbia Museum of Art on Tuesday, August 18, at 11:00 a.m.

See the Columbia museum for more info.
Check the updated post for a video of this talk!

August Applause

August 12, 2015. Two years since the pop emergency of Lady Gaga's Applause single release. Check the live Japanese TV versions and remix collections, if u haven't yet.

Applause Remixes 
#1 [59MB] (7 trax) | #2 [70MB] (9 trax) | #3 [84MB] (8 trax) 
#4 [104MB] (11 trax) | #5 [100MB] (10 remixes)
Applause Live in Japan
Music Station [17MB] | SMAPxSMAP [26MB] | Sukkiri [38MB]
More ARTPOP audio in the Mp3Archives.

Bad Romance Sunday

Yes, it's been added. And, yes, it's bad. Very bad. But check out the other ones we have in the Archives. Those are good!

Bad Romance Collections:
Ricki And The Flash [4MB]
Demo [10MB] & DJ Tagged Demo [9MB]
Total Remixes [122MB] - Fourteen of 'em!
The Tonight Show [19MB] - November 23, 2009.
And on the Archives Page there's more!

Cheek To Cheek Goodies

Now that the Cheek To Cheek Tour has come to an end, here are some tour goodies collected over the past months. Great music, great fun!

More fun stuff on the Gaga Goodies page!

The Brian Newman Quintet at The Loft!

After their performance at the final Cheek To Cheek show, the Brian Newman Quintet played a club show at The Loft at the Hamilton in Washington, DC, August 1, 2015! Here are some of my pictures. Good times.

Brian Newman (trumpet): Twitter | Instagram
Paul Francis (drums): Twitter | Instagram
Steve Kortyka (sax): Twitter | Instagram
Alex Smith (piano): Twitter | Instagram
Scott Ritchie (bass): Twitter |Instagram
More info via the Gaga Friends page.
Check my pictures of the final C2C show!

Happy Birthday, Tony!

August 3, 2015. Happy 89th birthday, Tony Bennett!

Bonus Downloads [14MB]
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby
I'm Beginning To See The Light (& Happy Birthday)
* From the final show of the Cheek To Cheek Tour,
Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, August 1, 2015

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek @ Kennedy Center, August 1, 2015

A few of my pictures of the last show of the Cheek To Cheek Tour with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, August 1, 2015.

Thanks, Tony and Gaga, for a great tour!
Check the Concert Pictures page for other shows.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek @ Kennedy Center, July 31, 2015

Some of my pictures of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga going Cheek To Cheek at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, July 31, 2015.

More pictures of this show on the Facebook page!
Check the Concert Pictures page for other shows.

Washington, DC

The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, concluding the Cheek To Cheek Tour!

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Pictures - Cheek To Cheek, July 31, 2015
Pictures - Cheek To Cheek, August 1, 2015
Pictures - Brian Newman Quintet at The Loft!
Happy Birthday, Tony! - With downloads!

Ordinary Love (mp3)

U2. Lady Gaga. Ordinary Love. Madison Sqaure Garden, July 26, 2015.

Ordinary Love [mp3]
Check the video on YouTube.

Just Another Fake Red and Blue...

Sad but true, there is another fake version of the Red and Blue EP. Just to continue this seemingly never-ending saga, here are some pictures. This counterfeit is relatively easy to detect by the artwork, the picture of which is too dark so that Gaga's face and hair cannot be properly seen, and the back cover which is too dark blue. The disc itself is very close to the original, but the spacing of the copyright line is off and the font of the title and name is slightly taller.

So besides the original leaked version and the copy in the retracted auction by Bob Leone, no authentic copy of Red and Blue had been seen in many years...
Read all about the Red and Blue EP here!

Lady Gaga Rock Star

For your summer reading pleasure, sociologist Mathieu Deflem just published a paper on Lady Gaga as rock star. Check it out!

Read the paper online: Lady Gaga – The Scream of a Rock Star.

DJWS artRAVE Opening Set

Thanks to DJ White Shadow for posting his artRAVE opening set! Listen and download via soundcloud!

Check track details via the complete unofficial set!

The Sound of a Gaga Tweet

"She just tweeted you!" -- "Who?" -- "Lady Gaga!" All that and the rest of the wild and crazy sounds of Lady Gaga tweeting gagafrontrow at the Dallas artRAVE on July 17, 2014, one year ago today.

Click play to listen to the sounds of Gaga tweeting. :)
Also see my pictures of the Dallas artRAVE.

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Cheek To Cheek @ Gent Jazz, Belgium, July 12, 2015

Just a few of my pictures of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga going Cheek to Cheek at Gent Jazz, Belgium, July 12, 2015.

More pictures of this show on FB!

Albert Hall #C2CTour Documents (copies)

An eBayer is selling copies of several Cheek To Cheek items from the show at the Royal Albert hall as original items when they are in fact xerox copies. Please don't get fooled! This seller has sold copies instead of originals before. Fortunately, thanks to the magic of eBay's refund program, you can download these copied items here for free! Just click to get the high-resolution image, download, and color print, and you will have just about the same as the original!

Check the Gaga Goodies page for some real stuff.

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