Itinerary World Tour 2009: Fame Ball Europe

Itinerary for the Lady Gaga (Fame Ball) World Tour 2009, first leg, Europe, summer 2009. This very rare tour itinerary is coiled and contains 41 numbered pages with information on tour personnel and contacts, show dates, day schedules, and more.


de la maison de gagafrontreau
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Born This Way Acapella 2016 (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Born This Way. Acapella at a foster home while on vacation in Mexico, July 2016. Get the audio and check the video!

Born This Way [4.1MB]
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You and I - Joelle Lurie ft. Brian Newman

Live jazz version of "You and I" by Joelle Lurie, featuring Brian Newman on trumpet. With Paul Francis on drums.

You and I [12MB]
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Born This Way Ball Crew Shoes

These sneakers were used by the crew on the Hong Kong Born This Way Ball.

de la maison de gagafrontreau
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Fake Monster High Doll

Monster High Bloodgood Lady Gaga Repaint Custom by AnikaMissik. As seen on eBay.

Yes, they're fake.

BTW 5+23+11

Happy born this day, Born This Way.

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Sexxx Dreams Demo (mp3)

Demo of Sexxx Dreams uncovered, it appears.

Sexxx Dreams (demo) [MB]

Tokyo May 2012 #BTWBall

Four whole years since the Born This Way Ball in Tokyo, Japan, May 10-13, 2012!

このように生まれた ボール 東京 は最高の経験だった. 日本のモンスターは非常に甘いと親切です. 彼らは非常にモンスターのコミュニティに専念してい. モンスター、ありがとうございました. 愛して います!
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Airport Gaga

Seven whole years since this Lady Gaga airport sighting in Austin, Texas on May 7, 2009, the day after her show there. And nobody who recognized her, almost nobody.

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