Born This Way Ball Crew Shoes

These sneakers were used by the crew on the Hong Kong Born This Way Ball.

de la maison de gagafrontreau
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Fake Monster High Doll

Monster High Bloodgood Lady Gaga Repaint Custom by AnikaMissik. As seen on eBay.

Yes, they're fake.

BTW 5+23+11

Happy born this day, Born This Way.

More pictures from BTWweek on the GFR FB page!

Braxton Herbert

"When, in reality, I am completely self-invented.” --Lady Gaga

Sexxx Dreams Demo (mp3)

Demo of Sexxx Dreams uncovered, it appears.

Sexxx Dreams (demo) [MB]

Tokyo May 2012 #BTWBall

Four whole years since the Born This Way Ball in Tokyo, Japan, May 10-13, 2012!

このように生まれた ボール 東京 は最高の経験だった. 日本のモンスターは非常に甘いと親切です. 彼らは非常にモンスターのコミュニティに専念してい. モンスター、ありがとうございました. 愛して います!
Check the Tokyo 2012 page for pictures!

Airport Gaga

Seven whole years since this Lady Gaga airport sighting in Austin, Texas on May 7, 2009, the day after her show there. And nobody who recognized her, almost nobody.

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Talking Head Gaga

Lady Gaga. Mark Ronson. Talking Heads. Burning Down the House. Met Gala, after party, New York City, May 2, 2016.

Burning Down the House [10MB]
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First Piano

There is a forthcoming auction for Stefani Germanotta's first piano.

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BTWBall Four Today!

Four years ago today... Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Republic of Korea, April 27, 2012, the first Born This Way Ball.

Go to the Seoul 2012 page for all info!

Following You

When a certain someone found out I was traveling to the first Born This Way Ball in Seoul, he started following me on Twitter. He just had to know what was going on... 

Lady Gaga's Interscope Record Contract

Hello, here is part of Lady Gaga's original record contract with Interscope. Click on the image if you want to see more, including a provision that would mean Gaga can make no money on streaming services, which do not pay much anyway.

Read more here.

Let Love Down

Rob Fusari. Don't Let Love Down. 2016 single version. Originally by Lady Gaga.

Download via iTunes.
Go to Mp3Archives Unreleased for the Gaga version.

Just Dance Video

Recorded in March 2008, the video for Just Dance was released in May 2008. Here is a cool behind-the-scenes video of its shooting, starring Lady Gaga and DJ VH1!

P.S. Gaga wrote Just Dance in January 2008 after she had arrived in LA. Jimmy Iovine did not produce Born To Run, but was one of the album's engineers. He was producing Flame at the time, the band in which Bob Leone, Gaga's first unofficial manager, played keyboards.
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