Dead Gaga Mix (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Dead Gaga Mix. Listen and download.

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Bonus: Jimy Fallon 10/06/2015
Part 1 624 MB 5:15 min. & Part 2 656 MB 5:28 min.
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The Epic Megamix 2014

Lady Gaga. The Epic Megamix 2014. Thanks to Mark del Villar.

Epic Megamix [mediafire or mega] 24MB
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I Want Your Love (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Nile Rodgers. I Want Your Love. ShowStudio. Audio download.

I Want Your Love [mp3]
Originally performed by Chic.
Check the video by Nick Knight on YouTube.

Kareem & Syka

Follow Monster Ball guitarist Kareem "Jesus" Devlin's on his new twitter account, and check out his work with the metal band Syka!

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and the members of the Monster Ball band.

Trailer Park Del Rey

Interesting little read about somebody who knew Lana Del Rey before she was Lana Del Rey, including references to Lady Gaga and Bob Leone.

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Includes video, a transcript of which is here.

Leone Management

Bob Leone has a new website for artist management. Check it out.

Click to visit leonemgmt.

Sister Lenesha

Check out the new single "The D" by Sister Randolph aka former Monster Ball singer Lenesha, now available on iTunes.

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Kern Brantley music dot com

Check out Lady Gaga bassist and band leader Kern Brantley's new website!

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Songs with "Lady Gaga" on CDBaby

What you find when you search "Lady Gaga" on CDBaby... Dear me, why?!?

Listen, at your own risk...

Gagafrontrow on Periscope

Gagafrontrow is now also on Periscope. As gagafrontrow!

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Lucky Lady Gaga Jacket!

New York Red Bulls' midfielder Lloyd Sam has a lucky Lady Gaga jacket!

Check the video interview for more!

Funk Punk #LG5

Funk da Punk outta here! On August 15, 2015, audio and mixing engineer Phil Tan was recording Lady Gaga music along with drummer Spanky McCurdy in Atlanta. Phil Tan has worked for Usher, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and many more. Spanky has been Gaga's live drummer for more than five years. As revealed and confirmed on twitter.

Should have been something like this.

Ricky Tillo Monster Ball Audition

Here's a video of Ricky Tillo's audition for the Lady Gaga (arena) Monster Ball Tour. Nailed it! As seen on instagram.


See earlier post for more info on the MB band!

Wardrobe Malfunction EP (mp3)

Paparazzi was performed with an extended 4-minute intro on November 8, 2014 at Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, because of some malfunction backstage. Download as ripped from YouTube video.

Wardrobe Malfunction EP [14MB]
Paparazzi Extended Intro
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Nico, Mickey, Brooklynn!

Check out this video featuring former Lady Gaga dancer Michael Silas, former Lady Gaga MD Nico Constantine, and his new singing star, Brooklynn. Click image!

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The Eggs of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the new Mozart! As reported in the South China Morning Post, the egg production of chickens has been shown to be beneficially stimulated via he music of Mozart and our own Lady Gaga.

From Warhol To Gaga (video)

Video of the presentation, "From Warhol to Gaga," by sociologist Mathieu Deflem. Columbia Museum of Art, August 18, 2015.

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Warhol... Gaga... Fame...

Who Shot Candy Warhol? "From Warhol to Gaga", a talk by sociologist Mathieu Deflem at the Columbia Museum of Art on Tuesday, August 18, at 11:00 a.m.

See the Columbia museum for more info.
Check the updated post for a video of this talk!

August Applause

August 12, 2015. Two years since the pop emergency of Lady Gaga's Applause single release. Check the live Japanese TV versions and remix collections, if u haven't yet.

Applause Remixes 
#1 [59MB] (7 trax) | #2 [70MB] (9 trax) | #3 [84MB] (8 trax) 
#4 [104MB] (11 trax) | #5 [100MB] (10 remixes)
Applause Live in Japan
Music Station [17MB] | SMAPxSMAP [26MB] | Sukkiri [38MB]
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Bad Romance Sunday

Yes, it's been added. And, yes, it's bad. Very bad. But check out the other ones we have in the Archives. Those are good!

Bad Romance Collections:
Ricki And The Flash [4MB]
Demo [10MB] & DJ Tagged Demo [9MB]
Total Remixes [122MB] - Fourteen of 'em!
The Tonight Show [19MB] - November 23, 2009.
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Cheek To Cheek Goodies

Now that the Cheek To Cheek Tour has come to an end, here are some tour goodies collected over the past months. Great music, great fun!

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