Another artRAVE Prop!

Another prop for the artRAVE tour... What could it be?

Behold the previous prop.

Hatsune Miku & Crayon Pop

Vocaloid performer Hatsune Miku and K-pop group Crayon Pop will be support acts on Lady Gaga's artRAVE tour.

Updates on the tour as we go.

R.I.P. Stephanie Picher (1982-2014)

Our friend Stephanie Picher passed away yesterday, April 14, 2014, following a car accident. She was a great Lady Gaga fan, a writer, photographer, and a student at Bridgewater State University. She was among the kindest people in the Gaga fan community, a true friend. Born February 9, 1982, Stephanie was a resident of Raynham, Massachusetts. May she rest in peace.

Below is a beautiful photo montage made by Stephanie herself.

Stephanie maintained a photo blog and video channel.
Her mother has said some dear words about her.
Also, Stephanie made the Gaga peace jacket which she wore originally and kindly donated with the proceeds going to the Robin Hood Foundation.
You can follow her posthumously on twitter.

ARTPOP: The Drew Stevens Remix (mp3)

ARTPOP: The Remix by Drew Stevens. 16 trax. Awesome!

ARTPOP: The Remix [onezip 156MB]

Haus of Mimosa

When in New York, check out the gals of Haus of Mimosa, famous for their great Lady Gaga performances! 

Bonus: Lady Gaga on Ellen [onezip 44MB]

Follow the Haus of Mimosa on Twitter and Facebook!

GFR Five Year Anniversary Contest

Gagafrontrow is five years young! And this was the anniversary contest to celebrate it! By correctly answering the following question, "What is the name of the artist who vomited on Gaga at SXSW?," we had ten lucky winners, who got a Monster Ball VIP bag, a Paparazzi 12", two posters, and six Pray for Japan bracelets. 

Free Bonus Trax:
DWUW (solo version) | G.U.Y. (acapalla)

The contest is now closed. Congrats to the 10 winners!

Happy April 9!

Happy Five-Year Anniversary to all of us (1,000!) spectators who saw Lady Gaga on the Fame Ball Tour in Atlanta on April 9, 2009. Here's the opening video and first song Paparazzi from my spot on the frontrow at my first Gaga concert. 

See my pictures of the show with meet&greet!
And check the video of Lady Gaga's message on the 2-year anniversary
at the New Orleans Monster Ball in 2011!

Roseland Verizon HQ (m4a & mp3)

Lady Gaga. Roseland Ballroom. Verizon live stream audio (A+). April 7.

Roseland #7 [m4arar 82MB or mp3zip 156MB]
This is by far the best audio of all the recordings!

Check the Mp3Archives for other shows.

Roseland SiriusXM (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Roseland Ballroom. SiriusXM live stream (A). April 4, 2014.

Roseland SiriusXM [onezip 153MB]

Check the Mp3Archives for more.

Roseland #3 (March 31) (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Roseland Ballroom. Third show audio (B+). March 31, 2014.

Roseland #3 [onezip 142MB]

BONUS: HQ audio (mp3)

See also audio from the March 30 show!

Gaga @ David Letterman (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Dope. G.U.Y. The Late Show with David Letterman. April 2, 2014.

Dope & G.U.Y. [onezip 21MB]

Also check the audio for March 30 Roseland.

The G.U.Y. Hotel

The OUT Hotel is The G.U.Y. Hotel, March 29-April 2014. Featuring props and wardrobe from the Lady Gaga G.U.Y. video.

Many more G.U.Y. Hotel pictures on the GFR Facebook page!

Roseland #2 (March 30) (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Roseland Ballroom. Second show audio (C+). March 30, 2014.

Roseland #2 [onezip 170MB]
Includes HQ bonus of Bad Romance!

More to come!

Mr. Kern Brantley

Lady Gaga bassist Kern Brantley has a new video on YouTube. 

Awesome seeing Kern again at Roseland!

Lady Gaga @ Roseland Ballroom, New York City, March 30, 2014

Some of my pictures of Lady Gaga's second show at the Roseland Ballroom, New York City, March 30, 2014.

Many more pictures of the GFR Facebook page!

Check the Concert Pictures page for pix of other Lady Gaga shows.

Lady Gaga @ Roseland Ballroom, New York City, March 28, 2014

Some of my pictures of the Lady Gaga birthday show at the Roseland Ballroom, New York City, March 28, 2014.

Even more pictures on the GagaFrontRow Facebook page!

Check the Concert Pictures page for prior shows!

The Gaga Kidz!

In preparation for Roseland, give it up for The Kidz, Lady Gaga's great touring band!

Kern Brantley
Spanky McCurdy
Brockett Parsons
Ricky Tillo
Tim Stewart

More info via the musicians contact page!

Akon Ca$hed Out

Behold the mighty Akon, from 3:44 minute on. 

If you just get out for the cash, maybe you were just in it for the cash...

Spanky Talks!

Audio interview with Lady Gaga drummer Spanky McCurdy, talking about his great career before and since Gaga! Via Drummer's Resource.

Check out the Lady Gaga musicians!

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